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*Book 3 of the Matthew Corbett series*

While Speaks The Nightbird is a historical mystery similar with touches of The Crucible, with a darker atmosphere than the rest and a hint of the paranormal, and The Queen of Bedlam really jump-started the series with more of a straight detective thriller, this next novel truly flipped the Matthew Corbett series on it’s ear by introducing a pure action-adventure novel.

Robert McCammon ratchets up the excitement level in the series with Mister Slaughter and crafts a story that’s simpler and more narrowly-focused than the previous novels, with even bigger stakes! The book picks up where the last book left off, where Matthew (fully in his position as a "problem solver" for the Herrald Agency) and his partner Hudson Greathouse were offered a simple task of escorting pyscho prisoner Tyranthus Slaughter from Westerwicke Prison in the Philly colony to a boat in New York for transport to England. But on the road, the manipulative Mr. Slaughter presents our heroes with an offer they can’t refuse, setting them off on a terrifying chase and a thrilling adventure.

The stakes are even higher in this book, with it being more personal for Matthew. I love the idea of this character we love feeling like he’s made a terrible mistake, and dedicating himself for the rest of the book to making sure he sets it right. As usual with these books, we can feel Matthew maturing and learning during this adventure, growing up, becoming a better detective, and learning how to handle himself in dire situations. And Slaughter is an awesome villain, and definitely the most dangerous one that Matthew has faced up to this point! You feel the malevolence in every one of his lines and the imminent danger whenever he’s around. Even though the book isn’t exactly short, I went through this one like a speed demon; it’s so intensely readable and definitely is the fastest-paced installment in the series!

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