Wednesday, May 20, 2015

THE MOURNER by Richard Stark


*Book 4 of the Parker series*

There aren't loads of substance to these books so far and they're almost all plot, so I would feel weird giving them super high scores. But I really can't find much that's wrong with them. They've been very consistent so far and Richard Stark always shines with pacing, plotting, and action.

This time around, Parker has finally concluded his big F**k-you campaign against the Outfit and now he's ready to go back to doing his regular dirty deeds. But first he has to finish his business with his treacherous bed-buddy Bett Harrow, who stole his hot gun after a shootout in the last book and is blackmailing him to help her father steal a priceless 14th-century statuette thought lost for centuries. Parker's a bit pissed that his hand is being forced, but he needs the gun back, he's able to swindle a high pay day on the job as well, and the job seems simple enough. But, remember in Parker world, it's never that simple.

Although it's not remarkable, it's a solid installment in what is a good series that is fun, quick and easy-to-read, and entertaining. And that's all one can ask for!

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