Saturday, August 15, 2015

OUT OF THE BLACK by John Rector

Once again John Rector has written a potent thriller that is addictive and enjoyable and guaranteed to
keep you turning pages. Following Rector's usual theme of protagonist getting in way over their heads in crime, this novel follows Matt Caine, a recent widower who is struggling with finances and taking care of his daughter on his own. Adding to that, he is in deep to a loan shark gangster that he has a history with. He is approached by a shifty, drug-addicted old buddy with a quick kidnapping scheme. From the beginning, he thinks it's a bad idea but feels like it's only choice, as long as he can keep control of the situation. And of course, he realized that's a bunch of bull and control quickly starts to spiral away. 

The novel is a great read for a lazy afternoon, a day at the pool or on a long bus or plane ride. Rector always has a knack for sustaining a great pace throughout his novels and you'll never be bored. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if people flew through this in one sitting. It really moves. You can really feel Matt's desperation as the issues escalate and the villain is particularly menacing this time around. I did have a little issue with Matt's relationship to Brian Murphy, the loan shark that he's in debt to. I never really bought into him being such a great friend to Matt; such a great friend that he'll help him out when shit hits the fan in the story, but not a good enough friend to forgive his debt and not threaten to hurt him if he doesn't pay it back. I never truly bought into that. But the scenes between Brian and Matt feature some great moments and cool dialogue. I also felt like the ending is a bit anti-climactic and not as dark as I was hoping for, but who says that a noir ending ALWAYS has to be a downer? It's a fun and exciting read, so any issues were minor to me and I enjoyed it! Definitely recommended to thriller fans!
I reached out and lifted her chin until our eyes met, then I leaned in and kissed her. I wanted that kiss to say all the things I couldn't. I wanted it to tell her how sorry I was, and that no matter what happened, she wasn't to blame. But most of all, I wanted the kiss to take away all the pain I'd caused.
   Of course, it didn't.
   And when I pulled away, all I could taste was the salt of her tears on my lips.

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