Monday, September 7, 2015

SAINT HOMICIDE by Jake Hinkson

This is a quick-read novella from one of my new favorite authors, Jake Hinkson. It's about Daniel, an infamous prison inmate nicknamed "Saint Homicide" that is now presenting his confession of what
led him to this point and why he completely accepts his guilt. In the first two novels I've read by Hinkson, there are elements that show a fascination with the darker side of Christianity and all of its contradictions. Here, he confronts this darker side head-on in this portrait of quite a compelling character. 

Daniel is completely devout in his Christian beliefs, so devout he doesn't even relate to the extreme denominations. There was never a doubt for me that he was unwavering in his commitment that God had a plan for him and that's what makes him totally terrifying. But what also made him really fascinating was the fact that he is aware of the conflicting darkness and weaknesses within himself and struggles with it. I've always pondered on how tragic it must be for a man of such devout faith to also be a human being in this world all at the same time. And Hinkson's absolutely necessary use of first-person POV served to really thrust me into the mind of such a person. One thing I wished was for more of a sense of Daniel's prison life in the present day and the way his fellow inmates see him, just to get more of an idea of the way the outside world viewed him at this point. Hinkson is a completely underrated writer and I hope my reviews of his work helps to bring in more readers!


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