Saturday, February 27, 2016

ALL YOU DESPISE by Tom Piccirilli

"Some would say I was pessimistic and self-defeating. I tended to think that I dreamed from the bottom up."
All You Despise is another great piece of work by the peerless Tom Piccirilli. It's less a crime novella and more of a painful, tragic confession of regret. It's a short but powerful character portrait of fathers and sons, the vice-grip hold that family loyalty can have over someone, and the dark-side of brotherly love and a father's legacy. The ideal that you love your family no matter what is a beautiful one, but it could also be a crippling one. Focusing on a lonely man that wakes up to find his brother arriving at his trailer  in the middle of a drunken blackout and soaked in someone else's blood, not a whole lot of action actually happens in this short book. But it is still gripping, a testament to Piccirilli's power with character and prose.


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