Monday, May 23, 2016

RUN FOR THE MONEY by Eric Beetner

When I jumped into Eric Beetner's newest novel, based on the synopsis, I expected a quick, fast-paced, and entertaining action-comedy of bumbling criminals. But what I didn't expect was how well-realized the characters would be in the midst of all the action. Run For The Money (I believe it was originally titled Criminal Economics) follows the odd-couple bank thieves Slick and Bo on their way to prison after they've both been caught and convicted. They're planning on shanking each other when they get behind bars but Hurricane Esmerelda puts a pin in that and suddenly both of them are free, and the race is on to get the hidden money! But our boys have to face every crazy obstacle imaginable before they can see that dough.

Like I mentioned before, it's really impressive how well Beetner not only fully developed these engaging characters but how he incorporates the character developments into the action. Slick, Bo, and Emma's backstories, desires, and quirks are not only affected by the plot but also help to push the action forward at the same time. By making these wild characters relatable and three-dimensional, it makes all the crazy events more grounded and makes for a well-rounded and entertaining thriller rather than just pure slapstick action/comedy. But don't worry, the fun factor is never sacrificed! The book is a blast!


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