Thursday, June 9, 2016

CHOKE HOLD by Christa Faust

*Book 2 in the Angel Dare series*

Angel Dare has been trying to keep her head down after her Witness Protection has been compromised. The former porn-star turned vigilante has been working at a small Arizona diner when her ex-boyfriend and scene partner Slick Vic Ventura shows up, bringing her past right back to her doorstep. Angel promises Vic that she'll look after his estranged son, an aspiring MMA fighter, and they both end up on the run across the Southwest. And so begins a new memorable, action-packed novel by the talented Christa Faust.

Although this time around, Angel is on the run and in defense mode rather than on a mission to hunt down her attackers the way she did in the first book, Money Shot, she is no less a badass and the book is just as good as the first one! Faust's writing is always witty and entertaining, and filled with memorable characters, very much like the writing of Joe R. Lansdale, especially in his Hap and Leonard series. And like Lansdale, Faust has a wonderful knack for pacing. I've now read three of her books and I haven't been bored for a second. Once again, Angel is a fun character, willing to do whatever is necessary to survive. It's also fresh reading about sex where it's not treated as this dainty virtue that needs to be handled with kid gloves but it's also not treated like a male porn fantasy either. We're all adults here and sex is an integral part of Angel's character (she's more comfortable with sex than real intimacy), she is in complete control over it, and it's simply just another weapon in her arsenal. This is another good novel by Faust, it's a sequel that lives up to the first, and I definitely recommend it. And I'm still waiting impatiently for the second Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick novel!


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