Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Most fans of crime fiction are familiar with the solid work put out by Hard Case Crime. But fewer might know that they've just recently started delving into the comic book world with the intention of bringing the same high quality work to the graphic fiction world, so far recruiting great authors like Christa Faust, Megan Abbott, Max Allan Collins, and legendary filmmaker Walter Hill. One of the Walter Hill stories is now the first complete graphic novel release from the company.

The story here is pure pulp, following a smooth hitman named Frank Kitchen who is kidnapped by the batshit crazy sister of his latest victim whose intention is to (umm, let's see, how should I say this?...)...permanently "transition" him. He is released into the world as a "changed" man but with a grudge and the will to track down the people responsible. Cue the bullets!

It's an action-packed tale similar to an entertaining B-movie that you can't help but finish. It's interesting to see Frank trying to deal with his new life, although it takes a bit of suspension of disbelief. The way that the writers treat the villain and the hospital scenes are a little awkward as well but the art pays a great attention to detail and this graphic novel is definitely worth a look! FYI, there's a reportedly-shitty movie adaptation of this directed by Hill and starring Michelle Rodriguez.


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