Saturday, April 22, 2017


Here we go. Years ago, I had a great time going on the epic adventure of Roland and his ka-tet as they travel in search of the Dark Tower in order to save the world(s) in Stephen King's massive genre-bending epic. With the Dark Tower movie being released this year, I thought I'd delve into the huge multi-series comic book adaptation of the story, and it starts here.

In this first 5-volume series, with guidance from King, Peter David and Robin Furth decided to begin the story by compiling material from the prequel/flashback events referenced in the main series to detail Roland's early days as a gunslinger, the fall of Gilead and the moment when the world begins to break apart at the seams. This first volume, The Gunslinger Born, is essentially a retelling of the flashbacks in King's fourth DT novel, Wizard and Glass, where Roland and his buddies find love and violence while on their first mission to Mejis to investigate the movements of insane rebel John Farson, and take the first steps toward their ka.

Wizard and Glass was a controversial departure from the main story, but if you were like me and really enjoyed that tale of young Roland then you'll also enjoy this picture adaptation! Although at times I wish it was a bit more detailed in the settings, the inky artwork by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove is eye-catching, with memorable, iconic imagery. I also like the idea of the folksy narration being told in Mid-World dialect, but it did get a little obnoxious and distracting. Still, I'm pumped to jump back into the world of The Dark Tower and join Roland on his quest again.


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