Saturday, April 29, 2017

THE JUGGER by Richard Stark

*Book 6 of the Parker Series*

In a departure from the usual heist stories that the Parker series is known for, in The Jugger, Parker is worried that Joe Sheer, his criminal broker and go-between, is getting talky and senile in his old age and he travels to small town Nebraska to kill Sheer before he can give Parker up. But it turns out that someone got to Joe Sheer first and Parker finds himself in a precarious situation that could compromise his legit alias.
“Already today I hit you twice. Once I knocked the wind out of you, once I knocked the consciousness out of you. Here you are, back a third time. You call that smart?”
While nothing truly game-changing happens in this installment, I really enjoyed the change in pace here. I usually get quickly tired of book series repeating themselves over and over, and I always welcome something different. It was cool seeing Parker operating in a different mode here. Instead of planning a heist and dealing with double-crossers, here, he's simply just trying to stay ahead of the doodoo he's stepped in, in order to preserve his alias and stay outta jail. And I love how the ending changed things as well and probably sets up the upcoming books.


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