Friday, February 7, 2020

CYCLOPS ROAD by Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand is not only one of the most idiosyncratic writers working but he’s also one of the most dependable. I found this latest book to be a real treat. Strand is capable of giving us terrifying material with graphic images that linger and also finding a perfect blend of comedy and terror. No matter how silly they seem, all his books have a true heart and a potent sense of creativity and this story is no different.

It’s about a recent widower stumbling into a mysterious young woman who claims to be fulfilling her destiny and hunting a deadly cyclops and who takes him on an adventure of a lifetime across the country. It was laugh-out-loud funny, equal parts sad and hopeful. It’s a story of friendship and of taking a leap of faith. There’s a running question throughout whether the cyclops is real or not. But you’ll find yourself not caring because it truly is about the journey and the friendships that are made.
What a nutzo way to die, huh? Not that it’s a competition, but my demise is going to be far more spectacular than my wife’s.