Monday, May 5, 2014

CLOCKERS by Richard Price

Grade: A


The book tracks parallel stories of two men on different sides of the drug game revolving around a murder in the fictional New Jersey Town of Dempsey, one a young, mid-level, cocaine dealer, the other a homicide cop. The engaging characterizations of these two men are what truly make this novel shine. From Strike (with his paranoia, orderliness, and his frustration with both his lower-level dealers and his perforated ulcer), to Rocco (with his jaded outlook on is job, love for his wife and daughter, and his embarrassing obsession with pleasing a famous actor), the characters are truly vivid!

But there's also so much more. At times it's flat-out funny, it has suspenseful mystery, and has a great dose of urban social commentary. If you are a fan of the amazing HBO series The Wire, you'd be happy to know that the show was HEAVILY influenced by this book. An essential crime classic and one of my favorites!

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