Monday, May 5, 2014

THE STAND by Stephen King


One of my favorite novels, this book truly earns the overused label of EPIC. The premise, in which a deadly superflu wipes out more than 90% of the world's population, and the survivors fighting a battle between good and evil for the remaining civilization, is enough to warrant a reading.

The novel has the most well-drawn ensemble of characters in any novel I've read, great prose, and more memorable scenes than you can count. It has a great mix of action, drama, romance, science fiction, and fantasy. At first, I held off on reading this because of the hefty page-count (over 1100 pages), but after I picked it up, I flew through it, and it never felt like a page was wasted.

Like many others, I was a little disappointed in the climax, even though I understood the meaning and reasoning behind it. But there are so many other awesome things about this book and it still continues to be one of my favorites! You know you've got a great book that will stand the test of time when you can still name most of the characters by first and last names years after reading it.

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