Friday, November 5, 2021

WOOM by Duncan Ralston

You won’t like this book. 

It’s extreme horror for mature readers and is structured as a series of interconnected tales about a cursed room at the sleazy Lonely Motel, and all the fucked up shit that goes on there. If graphic violence, sexual content, or my cursing in this review is a turn-off for you, then stay away from this one. 

Now I don’t quite know what it says about me, but I didn’t find the content that hard to read. I mean, of course the situations are all terrible, but it ultimately wasn’t as difficult to stomach as I expected. IT might be because the writing isn't as compelling as it should be, but all the graphic sexual violence didn't have the same emotional punch as it aspires to have. And worse, story-wise, it wasn’t as effective and engaging as it should be. 

I did like the way that all the stories finally connected, but it just wasn’t enough to sustain itself. Even with its short page count, I felt like it was too long. If you’re looking for extreme horror, it’s okay. If you’re looking for a compelling story, you probably will be a bit let down. Others will just be repulsed by the graphic effort. So yep, if I was a betting man, I would guess:

You won’t like this book. 


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